Who We Are

South Jersey Democratic Women’s Forum

Our group is about creating the political power to support a healthy, safe society for all.

We know that Democratic women bring skill and compassion to government at every level. But first we have to get there.

We help women to engage in the political process. 

We educate voters, but we also help train women candidates, volunteer, and raise funds for their campaigns.

We register voters and find ways to help them cast their ballots.

We’re well aware of injustices that need correction, people in need of  protection, and voices struggling to be heard. For this reason, most of our members already work in issue-based groups for sensible gun regulations, civil rights, equality, and freedom. 

By empowering women to attain elected office, we create a government by and for the people. We ensure that everyone is represented.

We’re ready to put in the work. Join us!

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