The mission of the Forum is and always has been to support Democratic women in the pursuit of political office and to encourage women to be informed and engaged,  A simple mission statement but there is so much more to the mission and to accomplishing that mission.

The Executive Committee of the Forum is committed to this mission and to the steps needed to accomplish it and we know that our goals cannot be met overnight or maybe not even in a year, but we believe we can accomplish our goals but staying focused, being committed and becoming an organization that is respected, recognized, and powerful.  This is a long-term mission and if we use our persistent we will succeed.

We all have our own cause that we feel strongly about, whether it’s gun control, climate change or civil rights and there are so many groups that focus on one of these issues, and that is where we can stand out.  We are one but we are many and if we use our passions and our talents as a united group, I believe we will become the group that cultivates and endorses women candidates that WE support and will get elected.

How do we accomplish our end goal?  Hard work!  I am a very impatient person, so it’s not easy for me to have a long term plan but that is the only way to reach our goals.  We also must multitask and by that I mean keeping our eye on the long term prize but understanding we also must have short term goals.  So let’s talk about both short and long term actions.

1.  Short Term Objectives.  Supporting women candidates in Atlantic and Cape May Counties.

a.  Fundraising.  Sadly, some races are won by the candidate that has the most money.  We has the Forum need to support these candidates.  We propose that we fundraise both for the Forum and the Candidates (if the Forum has money, then the candidates get money).  We would like to hold at least three events for the 14 women and we are asking for suggestions and volunteers.

b.  Volunteering. Most of us volunteer for one candidate or another.  We propose that we volunteer as a Forum member or host as the Forum a letter stuffing or phone banking event.

c.  Voter Registration.  This is the foundation for any election,.  We propose the Forum host voter registration events at local high schools and colleges.

d.  Election Day.  We propose the Forum work on election day to ensure Democrats come out and vote!  Many of us do this already, but now we need to do it as the Forum.  

2.  Long Term Objectives.  Name Recognition and becoming the authority in our counties for cultivating and electing women.

a.  Community Outreach.  Many of you are already personally involved in other organizations, whether its CASA, Food Distribution, Angels in Motion and others     We need to collaborate with local organizations on a regular basis – the more we work with other nonprofits the more our name is recognized.

b.  County Committee,  Some of our members are already on their municipal committees.  We need to: (I) get current Forum members on Committee; and (ii) reach out to those women that are on Committee and persuade them to join the Forum.

c.  Municipal Clubs.  We need to attend local Democratic Clubs to promote the Forum.

d.  Training.  We need to resume our Volunteer and Candidate Training.  This is vital and valuable both to the Forum and attendees.

e.  Education.  It is important for us and the community as a whole to stay informed and educated.  We need to have experts in various community issues such as climate change, community development, etc attend our meetings and on occasion open the meetings up to the public.

f.  Fundraising.  We need to raise funds to support all of our initiatives.  If you haven’t paid your dues yet, please do so.  We are looking for ideas of ways to raise money for the Forum which of course will then support women candidates.

g.  Press/Advertising.  We need to try for free press coverage and also, once we raise money, advertise the Forum and the things that we do for the community, especially for women.

I know this is a lot of information and I am eager to hear your ideas and input.  Again, I am honored to be your President and am really excited to hit the ground running.  And finally I want to thank all of you for coming and for believe in the mission of the Forum.  If we all work together EVERYONE will know that the Forum is the fiercest, strongest, and most persistent group of women who can conquer anything!

Published by maureenleidy

I've been involved in Democratic issues from the time I was a teen - growing up in Philly and participating in rallies and protests that unfortunately, I am participating in once again. BUT I will not stop until women are treated as equals, having autonomy over their bodies, earning the same as men, and receiving all the perks that men take for granted. The Forum is the perfect place for me, as a woman, to be connected with other like-minded women. We are passionate, motivated and ready to get Democratic women elected!

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